1 1.0 SOLD 12 2.9 SOLD
2a 1.0 SOLD 13 2.6 SOLD
2b 1.1 SOLD *14a 1.8 SOLD
3 3.0 SOLD *14b 1.0 SOLD
4 1.5 SOLD ~~15a 1.2 SOLD
5 2.6 SOLD ~~15b 1.2 SOLD
~~*6a 2.7 SOLD 15c 1.4 SOLD
*6b 1.6 SOLD 16a 2.0 SOLD
7a 2.7 $95,000 16b 1.3 SOLD
~~*7b 1.1 $75,000 17a 2.1 SOLD
*8** 5.1 $239,000 17b 1.0 SOLD
9a 1.0 SOLD 18 1.5 SOLD
*9b** 1.1 SOLD 19a 1.2 SOLD
~~#10 1.1 SOLD 19b 2.0 SOLD
11 1.3 SOLD 19c 1.0 SOLD
~~ Owner resale lots – developer shows but available thru Realtors
# Septic & well in-place
* Long-distance views (9b newly perked)
** Short-term seller financing considered for lots 8 & 9b
*** Guest home-site available on Lot 8
**** Prices are subject to change without notice

The Gardens – The Pastures – The Meadows


  • 23 minutes to Asheville
  • 8 minutes to Mars Hill
  • 2 miles to Hwy. 19 (four-lane)
  • Entrance on Mountain Meadows Lane

Come see the 30 Lots we have for you,
pristine 58 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains, too
1-5 acre home-sites are what you’ll see,
gentle rolling land overlooking meadows and trees

Our land is scaled from ridge to ridge,
over Crooked Creek lies our bridge
No walking to 25 sites, driveways instead
Mountain Meadows has its own watershed

South facing land is at your beck and call
with green-built homes de rigueur for it all
Our Creekside gardens grow veggies & berries
apple trees, pears & various cherries

Fresh Mountain air and a clean water source
no minimum house footage required, of course
Our forest & meadows generously bring
deer, wild turkeys & goldfinches that sing…

We are struck by the continuing test
of a fledgling in its nest
being fed while learning to fly
to gain strength before soaring high

Abundance is a precious thought
that elevates the way we’re taught
Mountain Meadows’ abundance will unfold
for those who live here, truth be told

What does Mountain Meadows ask of you?
— Always do what you have agreed to do —
Which will make our community a special place
One based on Trust, Love and Grace

Acceptance, Enjoyment & Enthusiasm
is A New Earth truism –
Our spiritual birthright!
Is it time for all of us – to take flight?