Lot Descriptions

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#1        1 acre                SOLD

A gently curved, tree lined driveway greets one of the smallest and one of the most level lots in Mountain Meadows. Welcome to a very private home-site that overlooks pasture and Crooked Creek and feels like a 4 acre lot for open views and great southern gardening.

#2a/b   1.0/1.1 acre     2a SOLD/2b SOLD

Looking southwest from the Turnaround, these flat and forested home sites and gently rolling meadows overlook Mountain Meadows Farm and small pond. These lots have a big open area for garden space.

#3          3 acres            SOLD

A one-of-a-kind location, this site: looks through the trees to a winding stream bed with a variety of plant species; has its own small slice of meadowland for a south-facing garden; hosts an environment unique to culture mushroom logs.

#4         1.5 acres         SOLD                 

This home-site is nestled in the woods looking to the southern mountains.

#5         2.6 acres          SOLD

This elevated and very private home-site looks out toward the southern mountains.

#6a        2.7+/- acres  SOLD

This “Catbirds Seat” home-site passes a bank of rocks on the way up and may easily be extended to accommodate almost any design from a one-two story to a walk-out basement. Looking to the southeast you feel devilishly private and isolated, yet in touch with the surrounding mountains.

#6b        1.6+/- acres   SOLD
Beautiful 180 degree view from North to South.

#7a/b    2.7/1.1 acres  7a $95,000 /7b $75,000

7a – Mosey up this private lane that peers through the forest to the top of the mountain. At the Turnaround, look back down over the meadows to capture a view of the southern mountains. You may find it ideal to place this home-site up the mountain a bit for more distant mountain views and even more privacy. 7b – Drive up Sandy’s Home Place to view this pretty long-distance view lot that looks SW toward Mt. Pisgah.

#8          5.1 acres        $239,000

Top of the Mountain to you! Casually wend your way up your own very private driveway (concrete) – bordered by a bold and inviting wooden fence – to the captivating stillness and beauty of the mountaintop. This is a special energy on this mountaintop! Look southward toward the peaceful long distant mountain terrain and gaze southwest toward the gorgeous Pisgah Mountain range– is this Heaven or is this Mountain Meadows? Plenty of room to install a waterfall, if you fancy. Guest House area is already sited in a verdant patch of green grass resting in the trees – with views of peaceful and distant mountains.

#9a/b    1.0/1.1 acre   9a SOLD/9b SOLD

In the midst of the trees these lots look toward the southern mountains over the meadow. 9a is beautifully designed for a walk-out lower level. 9b sits up on a hill by the ridge line with views of Pisgah Mountain through the trees.

#10        1.1 acres     SOLD

One of the most handsome views, this home-site has that special kind of feeling – like you’ve been here before. A little corner of the meadow is a part of this lot for your private growing pleasure.

#11        1.3 acres       SOLD                  

Look down over the meadow from this pretty perch near the ridge top. Your private garden area is in the meadow.

#12        2.9 acres        SOLD

There is a lot of land to love along with a good combination of meadow for gardening and forest for contemplating. Move the driveway up toward the ridgeline for optimal privacy and better views.

#13        2.6 acres    SOLD

More privacy? This is it! This home-site is in the middle of the woods and overlooks a pasture to the south. Part of the adjacent meadow to the north is included for your private gardening.

#14a      1.9+/-  acres   SOLD

Want a charming old rock outcropping that the Cherokee Indians likely used. This driveway weaves around the mountain a bit and looks through the trees and over the meadow to the mountains – ideal spot to build into the north hill.

#14b      1.0+/- acres    SOLD
270 degree long distant views down the valley from North to Southwest warms the spirit

#15a 1.2 acres SOLD /15b SOLD /15c SOLD

These home-sites perch over meadows to the east and southeast, have easy access, and are quite aesthetically different from each other in their appeal.

#16a/b    2.0/1.3 acres  16a SOLD/16b SOLD

Flat and sassy may best fit the description of this 16a quiet home-site overlooking the meadow to the west through the woods. 16b is poised alongside an old logging road and peers through the trees to its southern mountain home.

#17a/b    2.1/1.0 acres           17a SOLD 17b SOLD

How does it feel to be on a crown? Surrounded by meadows on two sides, this land is followed along on its lower side by Amanda Drive and Maddie Way.

#18          1.5 acres                   SOLD                  

With the forest behind and Crooked Creek in front, this area views the colorful landscape of the Entrance and is only one of two sites not situated in the middle of the trees. This site is perfectly placed in the pasture for an eye-catching, small and beautiful home.

#19a/b/c     1.2/2.0/1 acres       19a SOLD/19b SOLD/19C SOLD      

From a private spot in the trees, 19a sits in the middle of white pines and looks out over the pasture and down through the valley. 19b enjoys 2 acres of verdant bottomland – Creekside – and looks over to the old and charming tobacco barn and up to the brick church on the hill. Out in the open on a little knoll will sit the house overlooking the bottom land by Crooked Creek for a garden paradise.